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    # These are actually two requests:

    ## Request 1: I need _Mark-Down Support_
    Since the notation in the Mark-down language is simplified it is easier to use without having to resort to key board short cuts.
    But the standard trinity of marking logic don't help here (for example in the headings you don't have to close it out)

    ## Request 2: Multiple forms and mark-up standards _predelivered_
    if you look at how TextMate handles those mark-up standards, this is what I would like to see here also (obviously the programming standards are not relevant), but I would like to see a fully flushed LaTex, Markdown etc available by standard
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2011 edited

    Request 1: I need Mark-Down Support

    The current beta of the WebExport includes Markdown support. You can get it here
    The disk image includes detailed instructions on how to install the Exporter.
    Once you installed it, open the Exporter panel, select "Web Export" in the pop up menu at the top, then select "Snippets" as a Template and finally "Markdown" as a Preset.


    ## Header
    header 1 = # + space + text
    header 2 = ## + space + text
    header 3 = ### + space + text

    # Header 1
    ## Header 2
    ### Header 3

    ## Italic and bold
    italic = *italic* = _italic_
    bold = **bold** = __bold__

    ## Lists
    *Numbers* : type "1." + space
    Bulletpoints : type "*" + space or type "-" + space

    1. Example
    - Example
    * Example

    Emphasis = *text* or __text__
    Bold = **text*** or __text___

    ## (Block)quotes
    Type ">" + SPACE

    > level 1
    >> level 2
    >>> level 3
    >>>> level 4
    >>>>> level 5
    I looked at the exporter but it doesn't address the key issue, which is that the default notation within Ulysses doesn't match the Markdown standard (that you know that standard is obvious because your webpage _what we are looking at right now_ interprets Markdown correctly)...
    So as nice as exporting is, I need to have it on the fly, and without having to create the short cuts to match the standard... Other Text Editors do it out of the box (iAWriter, TextMate etc), why not Ulysses

    #Full LaTeX Support
    I am still looking for full LaTex support a la TextMate
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2011

    Well, Ulysses does not come with these built in because it's neither a Markdown nor a LaTeX editor. Especially because those two are more a formatting syntax that an semantic tagging, which is even a different concept. Ulysses is intended to free you from any particular syntax and instead help you focus on content. The exporters are there to transform the text into whatever format you want. It's by design that you do not write in Markdown or LaTeX.

    That said, we do definitely consider to do more in upcoming version. Right now you will have to set up inline and paragraph styles and their display such that they fit Markdown or LaTeX best.

    Thanks, Max... appreciate the feedback and look forward to new versions.. I was just hoping for it since both your website and your iPad offering seem to support it.. otherwise: Lovely product
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2013
    While waiting for Ulysses 3, can you give us some hint on how to setup export to make markdown [links](
    This is the only thing I couldn't manage to do.
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2013
    Hello Almays,

    I'm not completely sure if I understood correctly what you want to do exactly. But your are probably referring to the Web Export, which allows you to export your projects to Markdown.
    Here you can setup Links as follows:

    A Link expects the following format inside its Inline Style: Key-description (key and description being placeholders). In addition to that, you need to add a Note to the Notepad which starts and ends with the start tag and end tag of the Inline Style, respectively.

    If you apply an Inline Style for links, which has (( as start and )) as end tag, you could to insert ((link1-The Soulmen)) in the text and ((link1- as a new Note to denote a link to “” with “The Soulmen” as description.

    For the export you could set XHTML Snippet for example. Please don't forget to set your Inline Style for Link to the Action Link ;).

    I hope this helps.