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    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2011 edited
    So, I finally received my iPad, and of course Daedalus touch was the first app I downloaded.
    The first thing I realized was that this device is going to take some getting used to. I must say that the iPad does feel a bit awkward as an input device. Typing on a glass surface held in your hand is, well ... awkward. Hopefully it is at least to some extent a matter of getting used to it.
    In any case, I thought I'd offer some first impressions on DT.

    First, it is every bit as understated cool as I had come to hope from being a long-term Ulysses user. Beautiful and subtle. Simple yet surprisingly useful. So, a big round of applauds for a terrific start!

    So far, I mainly have three wishes, one big and the other ones smaller. 
    The big one is that I really wish there were an easier way to integrate it with Ulysses on the mac. I can export from U to D, and import (or paste) back again, and it works, especially with the nice Dropbox support. But it requires that I decide beforehand what Ulysses documents that I want to work on in Daedalus. Wouldn't it be great if Daedalus could peek into a Ulysses project and copy any document for editing. Theoretically, this is possible via dropbox, but the file structure inside a Ulysses project is rather opaque for a human mind. (Ultimately, I guess I would want full compatibility between the programs, so that they could work on the same project, but I notice that Ulysses mobile is still on the home page, so maybe you haven't give up on that idea?)

    The first smaller wish is some way of seeing Ulysses' semantic markup (colours?). It would make the use of both programs together easier. 

    The second smaller wish concerns the way the insertion point moves when tapping in the margin. It is a brilliant feature by the way, just the type of feature that makes it a subtly powerful writer's tool. It works great, but the tap'n'hold gesture for moving by word doesn't work quite as well, I think. First, it takes a while for it to kick in, and when it does it starts to run through the words at a pace I cannot control, and hence I often overshoot. When I use this feature on my mac (option-arrow) I typically want to move the cursor just a few words back, to correct a recent typing mistake. This doesn't really work in Daedalus. How about invoking word-jumping by a double-tap in the margin instead (or rather also)?

    Oh and I second the request for typwriter scrolling, if possible.

    That's all for now. I'll be off on a trip soon and plan to leave the laptop at home, to save weight. That will be a first real test if the Daedalus/iPad combo can work as a writing tool for me. We'll see.
    Best regards, Niklas
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2011 edited

    Thank you for the great feedback! I'll make the answer short, hope you don't mind.

    • Ulysses Integration: we do have that on our list. Not with Ulysses 2.x though...
    • Syntax highlighting: This is this issue, and unfortunately it persists to date.
    • Border-tap: 1.1 will bring two-finger tap and tap'n'hold. Guess what they do ;)
    • Typewriter scrolling is nothing to be done too easily -- unfortunately :(

    Thanks again!

    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2011 edited
    Hi max, and thanks for your response. I sort of suspected that there was an issue with syntax highlighting, I'm sure you would have implemented it otherwise. I just realized that you can highlight search terms ... is that different in some respect?

    Glad to hear you have something coming up with the border tapping, it is actually an extremely useful feature (I now find myself trying to tap in the margins in all kinds of apps, out of habit …).

    Thanks again, Niklas
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2011

    Yep, the highlight is different: No need to color the text. Please don't ask why ;) There may be some hope for iOS 5.0 but I#m not yet totally sure about it...

    i just got the iPad2 and got daedalus. on my macbook pro i also use ulysses. my app comes as a german app and i'd like to switch it to english...i read that there were seven languages available: how do i switch? i cannot seem to find a preference menu or something like it. thanks!

    marcus (the other one)
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2011 edited
    On both devices this is done in the system-wide preferences:

    On the iPad: General: International: Language

    On the Mac: Language and Text: the Language tab

    Cheers, Niklas