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    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2011 edited

    While I've used Ulysses a lot in the past I've mostly given upp the project-centered writing environment during first drafts in favor of common text editors. Mostly this is because I find it easier to track changes (using Git) when I write to a single markdowned text file. (I then use Multimarkdown to generate a LaTeX output.) I simply is too much going on inside a Ulysses project bundle.

    However, when it's time for editing the drafts, and I have to shuffle text around, the single-file approach gets messy real quick.

    I've always felt Ulysses real strength is the *writing* part of the process. It really is the best plain text editor I've come across. I do however have trouble *editing* with the application because I quickly loose my birds-eye perspective trying to navigate documents and collections in the browser. There is a certain other writing environment, while being horribly bloated and rich *shudder* text, does this birds-eye view pretty nicely.

    Are there any plans of improving the overview aspect of Ulysses in the near tearm? I would really like an outline mode, where it was easy to see all documents represented by their excerpts and where you could shove them around and thereby change the manual sort order in the browser. I dream of a separate outline-pane, analogous to the find-and-replace pane and the export pane.

    Oh, and one more thing. It would also be great it Ulysses got a really smart import functionallity. Ideally, I could tell it how how my text-file is delimited and it would parse it into documents and collections accordingly.

    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2011

    Hi Joakim. A birds-eye view is on our list since... forever, really. That's one of the things the excerpt was intended for. We never managed to implement it, though, and we won't in 2.x.

    However, if and when we'll turn to a 3.0 or whatever it'll be called, we'll certainly look into implementing something along these lines. This is not an announcement of any sorts... ;)

    As for project-centric writng, we hear you, trust me.
    Same with import.