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    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2011
    I've been using Ulysses as my main writing tool for a while now, and love it, but I am only starting to wrap my head around the export and formatting functions.

    I do some screenwriting and would love to be able to do it in Ulysses, rather than in Celtx, just to keep all my words in one location. However, after doing a little research, I'm not sure that the Ulysses exporter will get me there. Specifically, screenplay dialogue and parentheticals require a paragraph style with different margination than the rest of the document, and I can't find any way to accomplish this with Ulysses.

    Can anyone confirm or correct my initial suspicions? How do people handle block quotes, for example, which would be a similar problem?
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2011
    Can you use "head indent other lines" and "tail indent" for the paragraph style to fake the margins?

    Also devs, tail indent seems broken (2.1 on Lion). To get the 'tail indent' from the right, you have to put in the value from the left. E.g. with a 1 inches margin on all sides, to get a 0.40 inch indent from the right on your paragraph style you have to put in a value of 5.7 inches. Maybe I'm not understanding what it's for, but it seems counterintuitive.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2011
    Found this re: tail indent:

    []( Tail Indent)
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2011

    Hi ballpein! Ulysses does currently not support anything like Screenplay formatting while writing. I emphasize currently because that might change quite soon ;)

    However, as Stone pointed out, we have some options you might want to consider for Rich Text or PDF export. While there seem to be this weird bug (thanks for pointing out!), that should allow you to do something in that direction...

    Hope this helps, Max