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    I just bought a small printer which is not an HP (so it's not AirPrint compatible) and after having written thousands of words in Daedalus I would like to print straight from my iPad 2 to the printer. What're my options? Thanks in advance!
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2011 edited

    Using the built-in mechanisms, your only option seems to be the following: export the document as PDF, send it to some computer via Mail and print it from there.

    Another solution would be some program like Ecamm's Printopia. It allows you to share your printer connected for your mac on the network in a way that you can directly print from iPad. The price is a bit steep, but it would allow you to print directly (without going through a computer) from any app on the device. They also have a nice "Save to Mac" option, which saves that printout as PDF on your Mac.

    I hope this helps, Max

    hi max, thank you, that is indeed very helpful. since i use the iPad almost exclusively for daedalus, as my new main (on the road) writing tool, i might fork it out for printopia. thanks!