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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2011
    Hi! I have been trying out Ulysses for some days now, and I find it to deliever a great writing experience. However, I have run into a couple of problems when I try to integrate it into my workflow.

    1) First, I need to be able to deliever Word documents with styles. Is there any way to export from Ulysses to Word documents that actually use Word styles? (When I exporting, all headlings etc. just become text with a certain formatting in Word. No styles.)

    2) After reading a bit here and there, I understand that there is no iOS editor for Ulysses documents. But I still wonder: Is there any way to just _view_ Ulysses documents in iOS?
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2011
    Hi haakonf,

    1) This has been requested before (by me for example) but is currently not possible. Hope it is under consideration though...

    2) There were plans on a Ulysses mobile version but unfortunately it was put on ice due to limitations in iOS. I find it quite workable though to edit the same text using the Ulysses/Daedalus Touch combo, and Dropbox.

    This is how I do it: I export the files as text from Ulysses, to a folder that is on Dropbox. From Daedalus on the iPad, I then sync that folder as a stack. From then on, I can edit text in Daedalus and sync it back to Dropbox. When I want to move it back into Ulysses I've found it easiest to open it in a text editor and just copy-paste the text itself into the editor of Ulysses.


    - You cannot use markers in Ulysses, as they will get lost in the process
    - You cannot bring the notes over (easily, in theory you could of course export them too, but it would get too cumbersome to handle them on the iPad I think).
    - You do need to be disciplined and careful when moving text, so that you don't overwrite something accidentally.
    To minimize this risk I type a little marker (like \*) in the title of the edited doc in Daedalus. That way I know what documents I need to move back to Ulysses.
    If I get uncertain, or if I realize I have made a blunder and edited the doc in *both* programs, I use the "compare documents" feature of BBEdit (it may be available in the free TextWrangler from the same company too, but I am not certain). That way I can see what has been changed and clean up. This is of course a little tedious but I have so far only needed to resort to this once...

    So, it isn't perfectly smooth, but it is workable. And Daedalus is currently I think as good as an editor can be on iOS.
    I still hope that Ulysses mobile will materialize one day. That would be fantastic.

    Best, Niklas
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011

    Hi haakonf, hi niklas.

    1) Is a though request. The problem is that neither the system-built-in RTF nor the DOC export have support for these. What we'd need to do is to write a custom RTF engine. And it's on our schedule :)

    2) Thanks niklas, good explanation. We know it's workable but not really comfortable. Expect some really great news later this year / early next year. (Hint: still no Ulysses mobile...)


    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    > Expect some really great news later this year / early next year.