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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2012 edited
    For several reason - with which I will not bore you, not at this time at least - I really enjoy working with Ulysses.

    However, for more than once now, the following happened: I saved my project, closed and restarted Ulysses, and << only >> that (those) document(s) appear(s) which I have worked on latest.

    This time, just now, I didn't succeed in exporting one document of my project (another frustration: I save the document, either in one or in separated files, title and other tags included, but nothing is saved, no file exported...), so I saved it (all the other documents were saved already), restarted Ulysses. But now I have only this one document. The rest is gone. When I go to the Project in Finder and to Show Package Content, the documents are all there. But how can I get them back in my Project? Copy-pasting all the documents and all the notes seems, at least to me, excruciating. Also, this should not really be a solution: I want to know how to keep my glass from falling, not how to glue hundred pieces together each time - so to speak.

    My main question in all this is: << Is it me? >> Do I do something wrong or is there something I can do to prevent this? I don't want to stop using Ulysses, but I also don't want to risk losing material all the time. (The same goes for the exporting issue.)

    PS. A similar problem seems to be at hand here , but this was for 2.0 and I am using 2.1. Also, my problem is not empty documents, but losing a (big) part of the documents in a project.