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    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2012
    This is my first page, in my first stack to help me remember things that make Daedalus so powerful and easy to use.

    Tap border to advance or go back one letter, depending on side
    Two finger border tap for word skip back and forth
       Holding down advances faster

    Tap and hold, advance or go back one letter, then multiple letters and finally whole words, holding accelerates

    In page overview if you tap and hold page, it comes loose, and lets you drag to new location
    —if dragged to bottom is anchored there to stay, and can be used to move to another stack, stays on bottom regardless of stack until removed to whatever stack you are currently in.

    Two finger touch and hold on a paragraph selects paragraph – standard iOS feature

    IMPORT—In stack view next to plus button, where word count is in sheet view

    Hold keyboard button down to drag keyboard up and down when keyboard is split, just quick tap hold and drag, before keyboard option comes up, helps to keep keyboard from covering text when split or undocked -iOS feature

    Two finger pinch in and out advances and takes back one level

    If any one has any tips I missed would love to see (maybe a markdown cheat sheet)
    Please post
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012

    Thank you for posting this overview :) I think it's rather complete, but if anyone has some additions, you're welcome to post them. There's a nice overview on Markdown Basics over at Daring Fireball.