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    The notes from several of my documents have disappeared. The separate collapsable areas are still there, but the text is gone. Any idea how this might have happened? Or how I can get my notes back? I had an outline for my document and several notes from meetings with collaborators that I didn't save elsewhere. I have tried reverting to a backup, but I must have saved the document without noticing the notes were gone earlier because the copy also does not have the notes. I am using U 2.1.1 from the App Store and Mac OS X 10.7.2. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2012

    Could you please check in an older version, say 2.0.5 or 2.1, from our downloads page if the Notes in your Backups are still there to see if it's maybe a problem with Ulysses 2.1.1?

    I went to an older backup from yesterday and was able to see the notes in both 2.1.1 and 2.1. I copied the notes over to the current version. I am not sure what happened between the last backup last night and when I pulled up the project this morning. I do use U on both my iMac and Macbook Pro and have the project file saved in Dropbox. I closed U on the iMac last night and opened it on the Pro this morning. Could the notes have gotten lost in the dropbox sync?
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2012

    We have seen rare issues with dropbox and similar sync services. I have had it once with my projects. We did not yet find out any details and it seems to appear rather random. Ulysses may at times change a few hundred files and folder, and I could imaging Dropbox getting confused from time to time.

    Anyways, that's why it's good to have a backup outside of dropbox, like Ulysses does them :)

    This is strange. I opened the same document again this morning. Notes are gone. Again the separate collapsable areas are still there, but the text is gone. I did export the notes yesterday so I still have them but I can't figure out why they keep disappearing. I deleted the blank notes and added them again adding new "stickies", quit U and opened it back up, notes remained this time??
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012

    This is weird, indeed. Is there something being printed to the Console? You can find the "" the easiest by using Spotlight. The select "All messages" on the left and maybe filter for "Ulysses" in the upper right.