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    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2012
    I have really enjoyed using Ulysses, especially because I use LaTeX to produce PDFs of my dissertation chapters.

    I have noticed strange behavior with Devonthink Pro (the software I use to organize my research). For example, I create a new Ulysses project and save it to the Desktop (or some other directory) while I'm starting to work on it. I then close the project in Ulysses (but leave Ulysses running with no open projects) and import the Ulysses project package to my Devonthink database (by dragging it from the containing folder in Finder to the Devonthink window). When I double-click on the Ulysses project in the Devonthink window, Ulysses returns to the foreground and tells me the project needs to be upgraded because it was created with an older version of Ulysses! It then fails to "upgrade" the project and refuses to open it.

    However, and here's another strange part, if I quit Ulysses and then double-click on the project file in Devonthink, Ulysses launches and opens the file without a problem. Even closing the project and reopening it (via Devonthink and without quitting Ulysses again) produces no error messages like the one described above. I would guess this is a minor bug.
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2012 edited
    Hi. I am sorry for not having an answer for your problem, but only another question. Can DTP index Ulysses Projects? I works well? Hoy you handle the projects in Ulysses?
    Thank you and fingers crossed for a solution!

    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2012
    I used DTP to search for some terms that appear in the Ulysses project, but it did not return the project in the search results, so my guess would be that it cannot index the Ulysses project packages.

    I use DTP to collect, organize, and search through notes, sources, and my articles. I've been putting Scrivener files in DTP (it seems able to index those) and thought I would do the same with the Ulysses projects.

    Does that help?
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    Just chiming in to say that I'd love better interactions between DEVONthink and Ulysses.

    I think it will actually be something that DEVONtechnologies will need to address. The bundles that Ulysses packages live in is not a big binary blob or anything weird, but I don't know what we (users) should request in terms of indexing.

    The .ulys bundle doesn't get indexed presently but could, I don't know if that will affect your issue of Ulysses wanting to update the project every time. I have had inconsistent results with that myself, I usually opt to Index instead of Import my Ulysses projects.
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2012
    One question on .ulys. If my Macbook should go down for some reason, is there some way to get the files bundled under .ulys out to work on with another system, Linux for example? Or am I down till the Macbook is fixed? I have other computers available to me, but none are running OS X.