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    "The keyboard now has an extra row above the keyboard." I read in some blog post written on September 6, 2011.

    I bought the app recently on my iPad and I have no such row. I know what it should look like from this image here: I looked through the app settings and don't see where I can turn this on.

    Is this a bug? I really cannot use the app without it. (Also very disappointed that we cannot insert images.)
    Oops found it.

    It was not in the app settings when you go through the Settings for your iPad. Those settings just list About / Options / Licences. And the "options" are about some badge and restore things. Why not place the keyboard setting there? No, you have to click inside the app on the button that shows a small letter A next to a bigger A, the Look and Feel button (although that extra row has nothing to do with 'look and feel') and there you can access the settings. Tap there and discover "Button Row'. Very buried.

    This should be in the global settings instead. Also this should be turned on by default. What the hell.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2012

    Turning on the button row by default is an option we will consider. The setting is placed inside the app because its a setting people are likely turning off and on at times -- going to the global settings my actually take quite long compared to it being in look and feel.