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    extra bar with apostrophe key and €????
    You can add just about anything to the extra keyboard row, including special characters.
    Thanks a lot, I can not, can you tell me how to do it gently?
    thanks for the quick response.
    I can only see a few characters when I "edit" and then "new" where are the others? I advice to install it again?
    Thanks again.
    I'm sorry I got so much! I had to enter it. :P
    I'm sorry because of the disorder.
    application is fantastic!!! from italy.. 5 star...
    Let's see… Okay, when you edit the buttons (which it already sunda like you know how lot do, right?) there a green add button on the top. You can just enter the semicolon there. The other symbol is one of the options on the right-hand set of buttons, I think. If to, you can just enter it the same way as the semicolon. There will be two fields, labelled BEFORE and AFTER, I think. Just put it in the BEFORE field. The after is only for things like parentheses, where the first one and the last one are different, or if you want to be able to hi light a section and pit asterisks at either end.

    I'm sorry, I suck as teaching anything. Let me know if I can expand on any of that :) Did I answer your question?
    I'm sorry to have you disturbed ... :)) Took me a little bit but then I did ... I do not want you to think that the Italians are the goat! ahhaha
    Thank you. you have been great but as a teacher!
    ps. I put 5 stars on (or in ? my English is bad!) itunes! good job.