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    Love the program, but I've been trying to set it up so it automatically exports in standard manuscript format. Like so:

    or more specifically:

    Seems there should be a plug-in or something.

    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2009 edited
    just want to emphasize once more that I, too, love Ulysses for writing texts (currently I consider it being the best writing software out there in terms of organizing the project, making notes and writing the actual texts, it is way better than the hyphed Scrivener, 10 seconds within opening your program I know exactly where I stand and what I should do next...) but I am unable to generate the output as needed.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2009

    Regarding a "standard manuscript format": There is none, really, so we can't provide one. The linked examples may be widely recognized as "standard" in the US, but they sure as anything are not in Germany and (educated guess) in Japan.

    What we could do, however, is to set up defaults (or help with setting up) once we are presented with formats people would love to achieve.

    As for the version: You'd need to use the RTF Exporter and look at the paragraph styles section. Select a style and pop up the menu, go to "edit...".
    There you'd need to set the base style to Courier Normal 12pt, set the line spacing to Double and the alignment to left. Then douplicate this style and create variations for headers and chapters and such (centered, right alignment etc.). Save.

    Then you can assign these newely created styles to the paragraph styles you have applied in your text.

    You will also need to trinker with the page margins, and you will need to look at the settings for "keeping/deleting" tags -- as you don't want to include bold passages, you might want to keep inline tags intact, whereas you might want to strip the tags from the paragraph styles, since you're applying formatting: centered, right justified etc.

    Hope this helps, at least as a pointer from where to start.

    Do an export test-run. If you're happy with the output, you can save the setup as a template.