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    Please can Daedalus support iCloud syncing as soon as possible?

    Someone on these forums said that iCloud syncing does not make sense given that Daedalus only runs on one platform. I disagree - I have more than one iPad. Moreover, adding iCloud syncing would future-proof Daedalus against a future iPhone/universal version, and a future Mac version. (I can dream!)

    Anyway, iCloud syncing please?
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2012

    I can't tell you too much, but we're planning to improve the integration between Daedalus and our Mac app Uysses with the release of Ulysses 3, particularly also with regards to iCloud (if you're interested what's going on in the development of Ulysses 3, check out our devblog). In this way, you should also ge able to sync between iPads.