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    Suddenly, the keyboard button row became sluggish. I've been using Daedalus on my iPad (3rd gen) for a few months with no hint of this before. I just went to the app to describe the length of the delay between tapping the button and the character appearing in the document and it's working fine now. The delay was about 5 seconds, BTW. I had tried closing the app and restarting it with no improvement. I also tried cycling the button row off and on with no improvement. The app would sync just fine, and the main keyboard displayed no delay.

    Anyway, it's working now but I wondered if anyone else experienced this or if I've done something wrong.

    Thanks, Jim
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2012

    Strange. In case it happens again, you can also contact us directly at and we can have a more in-depth look.