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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2012

    First, thanks so much for Daedalus Touch - it's an awesome writing tool, and has increased my productivity greatly.

    I have a couple feature requests…

    1. I'd very much like a quick-and-easy way to split a document at the insertion-point, and a way to merge documents by appending one to another. Selecting a large block of text, cutting, creating a new document, and pasting is cumbersome. Perhaps merging could be done via dropping a document onto another one?

    2. There really needs to be a visual indication that a document has been "picked up" during a touch-and-hold. Increasing its size a trifle, so that it looks like it's come up off the surface the other documents are sitting on would be perfect, and fits nicely into the general way that iApps do this sort of thing.

    3. The last feature I'd like to see is a small bit of space on the left-hand margin that allows placing the cursor at the beginning of the line. In other words, it's difficult with my fat fingers to place the insertion point exactly at the beginning of a line of text, and a small border there for that purpose would alleviate the problem. This would emulate the same functionality you get when you tap beyond the end of a line of text, but aren't in the "margins" yet.

    Thanks again for such a fantastic app!

    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2012
    1. Great Idea but the implementation is not that easy though. Any way we will add it to our list and think about an incorporation.

    2. I see your point, but there already is an animation which visualizes the selection by increasing the selected sheet or stack and greys out the other documents. So it should actually become clear which one you picked up during the tap'n'hold-gesture. If we would increase it even more you would loose the overview for your unselected documents.

    3. Do you know about the option to tap into the edge of your sheet to move your cursor? When you do this with one finger the cursor will jump letter for letter, two fingers and the cursor will jump word for word. I think this could be a good option too to get your cursor at the right position.