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    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012 edited

    Hi everybody!

    I'd like to take a minute to inform you about our plans regarding support, and specifically regarding this forum.

    Short version:
    - This forum will phase out during the next couple of months.
    - All support will be handled via our newly created Zendesk.

    Long version: We have now integrated a "SUPPORT" button into all of our product pages. This button is curtesy of "Zendesk", a pretty cool help desk software which allows us to better keep track of issues and requests. We've been testing it on a small beta scale and are now rolling it out to all of our products.

    We strongly encourage you to direct your support requests through this channel. It's faster, it's far better monitored, and we'll eventually completely switch to it, so why not start now? ;)

    One of the great things about Zendesk is that it allows us to build a Knowledge Base around real questions and issues. This will not replace tutorials, but it will replace our static help books, at least in the long run.

    As for a forum -- we understand that a forum not only features support requests, but is also used as a means to allow users communicate with each other. This is nice, and we would like to encourage that, but to be honest, the activity around here is not such that we're breaking apart a "community" or some such.

    BUT, if there is demand, we will of course set up a dedicated user forum. However, this would be just that: a USER forum. We'd monitor it, even chime in from time to time, but we wouldn't be able to provide support etc.


    This move is part of a larger restructuring phase during the next couple of months. As you might have heard, we're currently hard at work building Ulysses 3, and we're planning on having the new structures ready by the time that baby launches.

    Feel free to comment, have fun,

    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
    Sounds OK I guess. Hard to say of course before I have actually seen it. But, I think I would miss the forum. The activity has been a bit up and down here, but it is nice to have the opportunity to chat with other users and hear how others are using the programs.

    Having said that, I do realize (from a user perspective) that the mere existence of a forum makes users expect developer support in it, whatever you say about it. So you may risk getting irritated users claiming that the support sucks because a forum question hasn't been answered in such and such time.

    Again, I think personally I would miss the forum, but I guess I'll survive losing it too. In the end what really matters is that the software works and that there is a reasonably easy way to get support when I do run into a problem. From my experience both these things have worked amazingly well up to now, and I see no reason to fear that this would change.

    So, do whatever you like, really. As long as it works :-)
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
    I admit to losing touch with the Forum, for no particular reason other than trying not to get distracted—where did I read this goal before?—, so I guess the change will suit me well. And if it works better for you, please do go ahead.