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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2012
    Is there something like a pagesize you can define?

    I mean, when typing text a new page will open when the max line number is reached.
    This would be helpfull a lot when typing a lot of text.

    I imported text from a txt file which came from a 9 page size Doc file.
    And all this is in 1 page now.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2012
    Hello Daeda,

    the main concept of Daedalus touch is to have stacks with sheets, which are infinite long, each as a seperate document. So in fact there are no pages at all.
    So when you imported your 9 page size Doc file this got all in one sheet, because it is one document. So the question is now what you want to do exactly? If you want to split up your 9 page document on different sheets you will create separate documents.

    All the best,
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2012
    Thanks Vivien,

    I expected the answer.
    I think I understand the concept of Daedalus (at least I hope).
    But the missing page size still is the point I don't understand.
    I have Doc documents which are 50 pages and more, beeing built up of several chapters.
    How can I import this into Deadalus? In one (1) never ending page?
    (And, yes, there is reason for me to import documents like these)
    Perhaps this is a weak point of the tool?

    Look your intro e.g.
    This is 1 document, but you split it in several stacks. And each stack is split in several short sheets. It would be strange if one of the sheets had the 50fold size of the other sheets.

    My document Doc contains several chapters, each several pages. As is the case with many docs (books).

    I like the kind of moving between the sheets (of the intro), the way to move a sheet to another place and so on. Everything seems so easy and naturally.

    But yet I have the feeling that the missing sheetsize is not natural (as is the case with real sheets). Perhaps it fits ebooks or pure pdf.

    Yes I have no experience with Daedalus and I would like to know how users handle this.
    Do they write and write and .... or do they create a new sheet in regular intervals.

    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2012

    I'm not completely sure I understood your issue here.

    But I think for you it would make sense to import your word document as a stack, and create one sheet for each chapter. We don't see why it should matter, how much pages you have in one chapter, because if you want to know how long it is, you can simply check via the word count at the upper right corner.

    Basically in Daedalus touch one sheet is thought as one unit of meaning, in your case one chapter. You write until you finish this chapter and then start a new one with a new sheet.

    I hope this answered your question.

    Best regards, Vivien