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    In Ulysses 2.1, when trying to export to either RTF or Word, I cannot get the line spacing to save at 1.5x. It just remains blank. However, the export does appear to be working at 1.5 spacing.

    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2012
    Hello GediWorrier,

    I'm not sure I understand your issue here correctly.
    Did you set the line spacing as following?

    In the RTF- or Word exporter, you go to the settings for the Paragraph Styles, click the Style "Main text", to open a Popup window and choose to edit. Another Popup opens, where you can set the line spacing for your "Main text" on the right side of the window. Choose the menu point "Other" instead of "Single" to set your line spacing manually, in your case to 1.5x.

    If you did it like this, it should actually work. If it does not, please contact us again.

    All the best,
    Hi Vivien. Thank you for replying.

    Yes, that is exactly what I am doing, but the value is not retained. The next time I look after saving, there is again a blank value displayed. I get the same problem for Word and RTF export.

    I am running a MBP with Lion, and the current MAS version of Ulysses.

    I think that this is a display issue, because the export actually works at 1.5x spacing.

    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2012 edited
    Hi GediWorrier,
    while I can't really reproduce your problem on my machine, I'll take another look at the problem and see what's going on (you're right, it looks like some display issue indeed).

    Thanks for checking it out. If I recall, a similar problem existed with in an earlier version, but only for Word export. Seemed to be OK for RTF. But in that instance, the it wasn't just a display issue, it simply wouldn't hold the 1.5 value.

    Some further information, I am using Times New Roman, 12pt.