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    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2012
    I have a project with a large document, about 1.8 million characters, that I hadn't edited in a while. A few days ago I tried to edit the document and it all went perfect until I switched to Console mode.

    Ulysses takes a few seconds to enter the Console mode and I have to wait about a second for each typed character to appear on the screen, the computer's cpu goes up to 100% and everything else slows down.

    I have closed all running apps, restarted the computer, and after some tests I've noticed that this is happening only with this document, although I have noticed that the switch to Console mode also takes longer than usual with documents bigger than 500,000 chars but at least typing is normal on those.

    I have a Mac OS system with 6GB RAM and I didn't have this problem a few months ago.