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    I got really excited when I discovered Ulysses a couple of weeks ago because I thought it might free me from having to apply styles in Microsoft Word for my InDesign magazine/print design workflow. I see, now, from some older forum posts that the ability to export Word docs or RTF files with real styles involves some technical hurdles.

    Any progress on that front? Is this still a feature that might come to Ulysses?

    It would make it an absolutely killer app for preparing text for layout.
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2012

    With the Word export, we're basically bound to what Apple provides us in their frameworks. However, these are quite outdated. This means that features like styles (in Word) are not possible as far as I know. Writing a whole export engine for Word files just for these features is also cumbersome, unfortunately.

    In Ulysses 3, the next version of our editor, you will see some new features regarding export but I can't give you any guarantee whether these styles will be included, sorry.