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    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2013 edited
    Hi, guys. Loving the app, feel so comfy with it; currently finishing my first book (gotta include a "written with Daedalus" note, lol). At the moment I need to duplicate a stack, because I intend to keep an earlier revision. Is this possible? Help much appreciated, and keep it up.
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2013
    Hello Icarus,

    unfortunately, Daedalus touch does not provide an option to duplicate stacks, although duplicating sheets and stacks has been on our TODO list for quite long and we're looking for an implementation in one of the next versions of Daedalus. I also added one vote from you to this item.
    In the meantime the easiest way to duplicate a stack is via Dropbox sync. Just synchronize the stack you want to duplicate with your Dropbox account, disable the Dropbox connection for the intended stack and import this stack again.

    I hope this helps.

    All the best,