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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2009
    Despite earlier beliefs I now think version control is best left *outside* Ulysses. I've struggled for some time with using Subversion for version control, but never quite warmed up to it. It requieres to much fiddling with removing deleted files and adding new ones before every commit. I've tried DropBox as well, but I need to name my commits in order to find the right one later on.

    This past week I've experimented with using *Git* and a free wrapper called [*Flashbake*]( and it works really well. I find Git in itself much easier to use with Ulysses, since it removed deleted files by itself. All you need to do is add new ones and commit. I also find the distributed repository model much easier to maintain. Something always seemed to go wrong with my remote Subversion repository.

    Flashbake automates the commit process to your Git-repository. I've set it up running periodically every 15 minutes using *launchd* (cron didn't work for me) and it automatically commits all changes to my Ulysses projects, together with a comment containing present weather conditions and my last three tweets. When I want to I can do a Git commit myself together with a comment, such as when I delete an important scene or what have you.

    Flashbake cannot look inside Ulysses projects (bundles) by iself. However, Flashbake comes with a Scrivener plugin, which I modified slightly (changed ".scriv" to ".ulys" on one line) to make it all work. The Scrivener plugin can also record the word count of a Scrivener project and add that to the commit message.

    Flashbake is the best versioning regime for Ulysses I've come across so far. With this thread I hope to find someone willing to write a proper Flashbake-plugin for Ulysses. A plugin is written in Python, which is way over my head. The Scrivener-plugin seems like a good start, though.

    So, any takers? Max, you know Python, right?

    /Joakim Hertze
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009

    Ehm. Well. I do not know Python. But that's just another programming language, I bet it'll be not too hard to learn. Flashbake sounds indeed really interesting. This would also go nicely along with our new backup mechanisms. I'll talk to Marcus about it :)

    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2009
    This sounds most useful. Though I can't help produce the plugin, I would like to add a voice of interest.
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2009
    Although I generally prefer git for it's speed (and use it on most things), I've settled on using bzr (bazaar) for Ulysses projects - purely because it handles the creation and deletion of files more easily than any other vcs I've tested. Flashbake sounds good, and I will take a look at it it, but with bzr there is nothing extra needed (and under Snow Leopard, you could probably add an iCal driven automator action to do the timed backup).
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2009
    @smurph: Bazaar is probably good -- I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. An added bonus of using Git + flashbake is that it records ambient data of your choice, like the local weather and such. It may seem redundant, but actually makes for good strolls down memory lane after a while of use.