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    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2013
    Quotation marks in the extended keyboard row on iPad aren't properly localized for American English. The extended row only offers German style Anführungszeichen that puts the opening quotation mark below, rather than above, the line. Yes, iOS is set to use American English.

    The recently released iPhone version of Daedalus, however, uses the correct set of quotations (i.e., both above the line).
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2013
    You are able to choose between different types of quotation marks (American quotation marks included) when you change the start and the end quote in your extra keyboard row. You can do that as following:

    1) Tap'n'hold the character you want to change (in your case the German quotes).
    2) Tap the Edit button.
    3) Select the "" field.
    4) Tap into the Start field, delete the " character.
    5) Go to the second level in the on-screen keyboard using the ?123 key.
    6) Tap'n'hold the " key on the keyboard to find the American quotes.
    7) Tap on the wished quote you want to use as a start character for your keyboard row.
    8) Do the same for the End character.
    9) Tap the Done button twice to close the edit menu.