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    Well, I have downloaded U3 from the App store and I am putting it through its paces. Where are the RTF and Word export definitions? Surely they are there somewhere?
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2013 edited

    The initial release of Ulysses III only contains a Quick Export for RTF (Word is included in the RTF Quick Export). Custom exporters will follow in future releases, they didn't make the cut in this release.

    Well, that is well and good, you have left out the feature that really made Ulysses useful. Now, let's talk about the $20 piece of software that crashes as soon as I try and make a new markup definition, or if I drag the intro document from My Mac to iCloud! Looks like you haven't learned from the Daedalus disaster: putting software to market that isn't tested thoroughly and isn't ready. And it looks like I haven't learned either. Grrr. In 15 minutes, three crashes.

    Back to Scrivener I go, minus $20.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2013
    Anecdote isn't the singular form of data. If you haven't sent in a Crash Log or spindump or shared a log from the time of the crash, what are you expecting to accomplish exactly? I haven't had it crash once on 2 Macs, and one Hackintosh, and I'm using all three storage mechanisms.

    You can get a refund from the Mac App Store if you're going to be angry about $20, but personally if I had a buggy 1.0 release I'd probably submit crash logs and bug reports and save myself $20 paying normal retail after the introductory pricing is over.
    Why do you assume that crash logs have not been sent in? And I am not a beta tester, and this isn't a beta version. This is as good a place to report problems as any other.
    And why not get a refund? Because there is no denying that this is a nice design. I want it to work. But I should not have an app crashing so often.

    I actually liked U2 very much, but it would not integrate with Daedalus, and the ordering of documents was clumsy. If it had Scrivener's hierarchical folder system, I would have been in heaven.

    Maybe the rant was a bit heavy, but I just want this thing to work and be reliable.
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2013
    Without any relevant information regarding a crash it's not possible to comment on the cause.
    Who is emory? Are you a representative of Soulmen? Please identify yourself. The logs I sent to Soulmen are not relevent to you if you are not employed by them. If you are, then you can are surely working on my report right now, as there can't be too many reports coming for the greatest test editor of all time, can there?