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    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009 edited

    Hi everybody and welcome to the Soulmen Board.

    A lot has changed, and we're starting at zero.

    You should get yourself familiar with the new forum, as it works quite differently from the old one. First off, you can now start a new discussion from pretty much everywhere. Just hit the link in the top left corner and off you go.

    Second, the forum is divided into two main groups -- discussions and categories -- which may seem a bit strange at first, maybe even uncomfortable. "Discussions" will show ALL current discussions, while "Categories" is more like the traditional "Forums" overview, so to say. You'll adopt to his, no doubt.

    Now for the fun parts: You can subscribe to this forum via RSS/Atom, even down to single posts and comments. You can also subscribe to individual forums or posts via email, and you'll even have the option to get notifications pop up on screen whenever you're online and a user replies to your posts. Cool.

    You now also have the option of editing your posts. There are no previews, but eiting beats previewing anyway, so that's that.

    You also have the option to post plain text messages or use John Gruber's wonderful Markdown syntax to add formatting. It's simple, really, though it also may seem strange at first. E.g., to make a line break, you'll need to add three spaces at the end of a line, and to create a new paragraph, you'll need to insert a blank line.

    Like so. :)

    Quoting is done by simply adding a > at the beginning of a line, and you can bolden text by encapsulating it in **es... like so:

    **this would be bold** -- this would be bold

    And so on.
    Go check out the syntax docu over at daring fireball.

    We've set up a Playground for newcomers. It's where you can mess around, try your luck with the syntax or just post hundreds of "test" comments and discussions. We'll eventually delete those, though, so please notify us of any worthwhile poetry you moght have created, so we can save it for later.

    To post on the Playground, select it from the Categories pulldown when starting a new discussion.

    Welll...lll.... have fun!

    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009 edited

    Please also note that though the old forum will be closed for writing, it will be around as a valuable resource for search and likewise at it's old address:

    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    Love the *MD* format!
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    Huh. Shiny new place.