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    I'd really like to use Ulysses for my dissertation, but I think there is a bit of functionality missing that I need.

    First, is there a way to set up an inline style to make text small caps? I can't find this option anywhere...

    Second, is it possible to set up separate hierarchies? I want my chapters/sections/etc. to be numbered sequentially, but I also need a second set of numberings that is independent of these other numbers for examples, so that the numbers just run from 1-??? throughout the text.

    Finally, I think I found a small bug. If one enters the edit screen to set up paragraph styles, and selects under hierarchy anything that will let one choose "numbered" and clicks that box, and then switches the hierarchy back to "Normal text," the "Numbered" box remains checked, and Ulysses hangs on export.

    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2009

    despite the shortcomings you are pointing at I can really recommend writing an academic work in Ulysses. I am writing my second book with Ulysses and face the same problems, but I use Ulysses to produce the text and will have to add a final polishing stage outside Ulysses later.

    You might wait for a better solution to these problems (more versatile exporters), and there is good reason to expect improvements until you are finished with your thesis.

    As for small caps, I underline names in Ulysses and use Bodoni for pretty print output -- there are small caps in Bodoni fonts for Mac OS X.

    Numbering is a problem for me as well (figures, maps, formulas etc.), and I would like a time-stamp and filename stamp in the footer for working prints. I have not yet made up my mind, but I think of either exporting to RTF and finishing the document in Nisus (with its great search and replace and automatic index options) or exporting as text, transform to XML via RegEx and then with XSLT to PDF.

    Problems should become fewer over time, until you are ready to submit your thesis, but already now I decided that writing in Ulysses makes the process so easy that a final polishing stage is worth it.

    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2009
    1. For small caps, just set up a style that uses a "small caps font" like "Capitals".
    2. Currently it's not possible to set up separate hierarchies.
    3. Thank you for reporting this bug. It will be fixed with the next update.