Settings common to all exporters

The settings described in this following section are common to all exporters except the Ulysses Project Exporter.

Setting the export mode

In the section "General", there are two export modes available: export all documents in one file and export to one file per document. They can be selected using the "Export Mode" button.

Export all documents in one file

In this mode, all selected documents are exported into one single file. The selected documents are appended according to the order in the browser. An optional character sequence can be inserted between the documents, which can be entered in the text field below the export mode.
Depending on the exporter, special characters like line breaks or page breaks can also be inserted. Available characters are shown below the text field. They can be added by simply dragging them into the text field.

Export to one file per document

This mode creates a single file for every selected document. The placeholders "Number" , "Title", "Status", and "Label" can be used to dynamically create the file names for the exported documents. "Number" reflects the order of the selected documents in the browser; "Title", "Status" and "Label" are attributes taken from the respective documents. The LaTeX exporter offers another option to this export mode, which will be covered in the section "Settings in the LaTeX Exporter".

Characters and Symbols

Although most of the characters used by anglophone speakers can be typed easily using a standard keyboard, characters used in other languages are often hard to type. Therefore the exporters can convert several characters (and their respective combinations) in those hard-to-type characters. Furthermore, quotation marks and apostrophes can be converted to their typographically correct equivalents. The dash/hyphen ("-") and the ellipses ("...") can also be converted to their respective characters.
The LaTeX Exporter converts those characters into according LaTeX commands since LaTeX treats them differently.

Paragraph, Inline, and Marker styles

In the sections "Paragraph styles", "Text styles" and "Marker Styles", settings can be made on how the exporter should deal with the the respective formattings. These settings will be explained in the sections below.

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