PlugIn-based Export

Only a small amount of writers know in the beginning where their text is going to end… hehe… you know, technically speaking. :) Therefore it's quite absurd to decide on a format right from the start. If you're honest, you know that this decision will only create huge problems in the end. Note especially the troubles professional graphic designers are facing when they need to typeset preformatted texts.

Ordinary word processors force the writer to use their own proprietary format (in addition to the text format options); traditional text editors, however, leave the user alone with the plain text version or require (for example to export as a LaTeX file) a predefined syntax during input.

Funny thing is that an "Output format" is actually a format for later output and not, as apparently and primarily thought in Redmond, for input…

Concept: The writer should not need to bother with the file format (keyword "Compatibility"). Instead he decides as late as at the time of output what format his work is going to be in. He then chooses from a list of expandable export options, and only at that point defines typographic styles and formats, and whether potentially necessary automatic corrections have to be applied.

Pros: Independence, concentration on the text.

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