Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems #1 - The Text Trash

When writing a lot in Ulysses, every one might have come across the situation that you had to delete some text. Maybe one did a rewrite and now it's the time to delete the older version. But not really. You still do want to keep this snippet or still want to have a way to reach back to it. Instead of copying and pasting it to the notes or some other "trash" document, there is a way more convenient way to do so:

Just select the text to be deleted and hit Shift-Delete. This will not only delete the text as you're used to, but also place a copy of it in the text trash.

Now, where do you find trashed text if you want to reconstruct it? In the upper right corner of a Ulysses document you can find a little text (actually it's a popup) saying something like "Notes". Clicking on it will reveal a menu where you can select "Text Thrash" -- and there you go. Please notice that you can't edit the trash and therefor you can't manually add items. The only thing you can do is to delete items permanently.

In summary: The Text Trash allows you to delete text without losing it forever.

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