Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems #10 - Bookmarks

Now here's one of those features that have been on our drawing board for some time, but for some reason never made it into any previous release: Bookmarks and what I'd like to call "Style-Jumpers".

Screenshot Bookmarks

What these do is essentially letting you quickly navigate to any paragraph style within the active document. Whenever you mark a paragraph with any of your styles, that paragraph will show up in the Bookmarks menu. Select such an entry, and the text will scroll to that paragraph.

Bookmarks, on the other hand, can be set by either double-clicking in the paragraph bar (finally some good use for that, he), or by selecting the appropriate entry from a context menu. You can delete bookmarks, of course, and you can also drag them around.

So, what might all this be good for?

For starters, it comes in handy when navigating large documents. Style-Jumpers let you quickly jump between sections of your documents, without having to scroll or search for a certain comment or header. I think you'll quickly adopt to this, as it really is useful, especially when writing non-linear.

For example, I just jotted down about 20 headers for an FAQ. Then I started creating the actual text entries. The single headers drifted apart pretty quickly as the document grew longer, but using the Style-Jumpers I never felt lost. I didn't even have to remember where I put which FAQ-entry - was it number 6, number 17, and so on.

So, Style-Jumpers. Good for navigating large texts.

Of course, bookmarks can be used for the same task, especially if you don't want to use Paragraph Styles at all. However, they first and foremost add an additional layer of markers to your documents. You can now mark a paragraph (or rather bookmark it) without editing the text or modifying its look.

For example, instead of wasting a marker style on "needs to be revised", you can simply bookmark the paragraph in question. The arbitrary nature of bookmarks - i.e. there's no fixed label like "comment" or "double-check" - lends itself to an awful lot of uses, but my guess is that you'll most likely use it to mark unfinished paragraphs. He.

Oh, by the way, bookmarks can be used with or without the paragraph-bar being active. You won't get the visual feedback, of course, but you can navigate via the Bookmarks-button and also add/delete via context menu.

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