Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems #2 - The Fullscreen Mode

When writing gets to the point, everything is about concentration. Ulysses offers lots of things that help you to concentrate. The plain text editing, a single window and - besides others - of course the Console Mode. This mode is specially suited for your writing need. It's purpose it to resemble the writing on a classic typewriter. Pure focus, nothing to distract you. This mode also hides all notes, the Browser, all previews, even tabs are not visible. While this is good when just writing, there might be a lot of occasions when you'd prefer to still have a fullscreen mode, but with everything in your project visible.

Enter the Fullscreen Mode. Added in Ulysses 1.6, it can be found in the "Window" menu. This does nothing but scale the main window to fit the full screen, as well as hide both menu bar and the dock. There is nothing different from the usual windowed mode. You can still use all aspects of you project. This also includes export, search and replace, etc. Either you know the shortcuts (see the "Keyboard Shortcuts" section in the manual for a full list) or you can use the main menu. Just move the mouse to the upper border of the screen and the menu bar appears.

Fully fledged Ulysses editing with a extra portion less distraction.

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