Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems #4 - Search (and replace) for Styles

This is something most will never have recognized. But first things first. As you might have seen in Götz' second screencast Web Resource, Ulysses follows the approach of Semantic Text Editing. These semantics are organized in categories for various purposes. There exist paragraph styles, inline styles and markers.

Now, if you heavily rely on these you will fill your text with semantics. Let's say you have a paragraph style for comments, a marker for sections you need to rework, a inline tag for quotes, etc. There will be occasions (like finishing up the project) where you want to find all places that still need rework or you want to collect all quotes to add them to a reference list. And now, instead of scanning all documents by hand or to type a (maybe inaccurate) search query for the tags (which again does not work for markers), just use the power of semantics and look it up semantically.

As I said - it's quite hidden. Go to the Search and Replace mode (or type the shortcut, Command-R) and click on the little loupe in the search field, a menu will appear. (This loupe menu represents the search scope and this is why the feature is in there). Just change the scope to Styles and some popup menus will appear. There you can exactly select your search, the rest works a usual.

Search for Markers

However, as you might think - in Search and Replace mode there of course also exists a replace facility. This will most of the time not be uttermost useful, but there are some occasions. For example one could think of two markers one for "Highlight" and one for "Important" and at some point you notice that in your project these are the same. So here is a way to solve the problem quickly.

If you want to watch a demonstration of Search & Replace for Styles, please don't hesistate to watch our Screencast Web Resource on Advanced Features.

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