Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems #5 - Printing in Ulysses

Personally I love to print out my writings so I can proof-read them on train rides or other places I don't have a Mac at hand. One way to print your documents is to export your documents (see our third Screencast Web Resource on Exporting) and open the exported document in your favorite viewer or editor.

The thing is, sometimes you just want a quick printout, nothing too fancy, or want your Styles & Markers included in the printout. Well, Ulysses has a solution for that as well. You can always send your currently open Document to your printer. Please notice that the features I'm going to describe were mostly introduced in version 1.6, so if you don't have that version for some reason, printing is another great reason to upgrade.

Printing itself is very easy, simply go to Documents > Print. You can either print the Document or the Notes separately (if you want to combine them when printing, you'd have to export the Document first (for instance to the PDF format) and insert the Notes). When you click on Print Document or Print Notes, you're presented with a sheet like you can see below.

Screenshot of the Printing Sheet

In the printer settings you can set Ulysses to print the text according to the Norm Page Settings or just to use the complete page. When you use the first setting, the number of characters per line and the number of lines per pages are both limited. You can always adjust these numbers in the Preferences under Counting > Norm Page.

And while we're in the Preferences, let me show you show to customize the look of your printout like you want. In Interfaces, there is a section called Printing. Here you can not only set the font style for the text, but also alter the look of the Styles and Markers, because not everything that looks good on the screen has to look good on paper.

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