Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems #8 - Multiple Document Count

This is for everyone who likes statistics (or needs them because the paper has to have a certain number of words)! Ulysses allows you to keep updated on all sorts of stats: character, word, paragraph, line and page counts. You can always find these counts for the current document in the Control Panel. The numbers on the left correspond to the whole document, the ones on the right to the currently selected text.

Screenshot Control Panel

What if your paper consists of multiple documents and you need the counts for some or all of them? Fear not, Ulysses has a solution for that too. Simply select the Documents you need the word count for in the Browser and have a look at the line below the previews. All the information you need are displayed there.

Screenshot Multiple Document Count

To find out more about the Ulysses Interface in a greater overview, have a look at our Interface Overview Web Resource.

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