Ulysses combines single documents or texts into so called projects. Imagine a project as a folder with your work, which contains all relevant text parts, chapters, ideas, notes, etc.

Ulysses only sports one single window, composed of a project- and a document part. The project part features a so called Document Browser, a Document Preview and a Filter.

The document part offers an Editor, a Notepad, an Info Panel and tabs to switch between the currently open documents.

The title of the window corresponds to the title of the currently open project.

Project Templates

Ulysses supports the ability to save a project as a project template. Just save the project to the templates folder, which is located at ~/Library/Application Support/Ulysses/Templates. The next time you start a new project, you can use this template instead of an empty project. To do that, select it from the Welcome Screen or from Project > New Project and then the template name.


The upper part of every document has a so called "tab" which holds the document title. If several documents are open at once, you can switch between them by clicking on the respective tab. Rearranging the tabs is done via drag and drop.

The currently inactive documents are pale colored. New, unsaved documents, or changed documents that you're currently working on, have a black bullet next to their title.

Beneath the tab is the actual document. Each is separated into the Editor, the Note Pad and the Control Panel.

Open and Closed Documents

Ulysses strictly differentiates open from closed Documents. Open Documents are the ones which are displayed in the tab bar. All other, currently not open Documents, are closed. You can always find all Documents in the Browser, from which you can open them.

On the Issue of Saving

Because we want your project to be on the very side when it comes to storing its contents to disk, we auto-save your complete project by default. This way, your project state is also always up-to-date. When you close and reopen Ulysses, the project will be exactly the same as before. The same tabs will be open and all documents will be restored.

Then, you might wonder what the little dot before the document in the tab means when you start editing the document. This dot represents the state of the document. Whenever you start editing a document, its state of the document is set to "modified" (you can always find the state in the Document Info Panel). When you save the document, its state is set to "saved" and the dot vanishes from the tab. But if Ulysses auto-saves the project, what are these states for? The main purpose of them is to make it clear for you on which documents you're currently working. When you finished working on a document, you can save it and thus mark it as saved. On the other hand, if you don't like the changes you have done, simply close the document and select "Don't Save".

Another advantages lies in comparing open and closed documents. Just select the current document in the Browser and you can see a preview of the text and the notes below.