Search & Replace

Search and Replace

Search & Replace in texts has always been a pet-peeve in text editors and word processors. The process of performing a multi-document replace of a person's name, for example, is very dangerous, because one never knows if the name doesn't exist as part of a larger word.

An Example: You might want to switch "man" for "woman". Project-wide, going feminist. ;) Of course, you wouldn't want to replace "mankind" for "womankind", and neither replace "Norman" with "Norwoman". Some might argue here, of course.

However, common S&R-mechanics will let you search for "man" and then present a list of documents which feature that term. You will then need to check each occurrence for relevance – a tedious task, error-prone. This is the document-centric approach to Search & Replace.

Ulysses takes a different approach by presenting the search results purely term-centric. For instance, if you search for the term "man", you will get a list which shows every single word that features that term: manual, manage, command, and so on.

This search approach works everything you ever type into Ulysses: texts, notes and excerpts. If you only want to search for one of these types, click on the magnifier and select the wanted type. If you want to search your texts, notes and excerpts at once, use the "Whole Document".

This is only one side of Search & Replace in Ulysses. Besides searching for texts you can also Search & Replace in Styles and Markers. To enable this search, click on the magnifier in the search box and select "Styles". You can now use the drop-down boxes to select the Style or Marker you want to replace. This way you can convert the various Styles and Markers into each other.

For more information on Search & Replace, check out the Screencast Web Resource on Advanced Features or the Hidden Gem Web Resource on Search & Replace on Styles.