Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a rather complete list of all Ulysses-specific shortcuts. Standard shortcuts apply to pretty much every standard action such as Cut, Copy and Paste.

You can alter system-wide shortcuts in the System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse preferences pane. Additionally, some shortcuts (such as Paragraph Styles, Markers etc.) can be assigned individually using Ulysses' Preferences.

Project Shortcuts
Open selected Documents in the BrowserCommand-O⌘O
Get Info for selected DocumentsCommand-I⌘I
Create Empty ProjectCommand-Shift-N⌘⇧N
Open ProjectCommand-Shift-O⌘⇧O
Close ProjectCommand-Shift-W⌘⇧W
Save complete ProjectCommand-Shift-S⌘⇧S
Switch to Export ModeCommand-Shift-E⌘⇧E
Import documents into ProjectCommand-Shift-I⌘⇧I
Switch to Search & ReplaceCommand-Shift-R⌘⇧R
Switch to Console ModeCommand-Shift-F⌘⇧F
Document Shortcuts
Create new DocumentCommand-N⌘N
Close current DocumentCommand-W⌘W
Save current DocumentCommand-S⌘S
Duplicate current DocumentCommand-Shift-D⌘⇧D
Move current Document to Trash Web ResourceCommand-Option-Ctrl-Backspace⌘⌥⌃⌫
Add note to current DocumentCommand-Option-+⌘⌥+
Remove note from current DocumentCommand-Option--⌘⌥-
Switch between open documents (tabs)Command-Option-Left Arrow
Command-Option-Right Arrow
Add/remove Bookmark to current lineCommand-Shift-B⌘⇧B
Print text of curent DocumentCommand-P⌘P
Print notes of current DocumentCommand-Option-P⌘⌥P
Page Setup for printingCommand-Shift-P⌘⇧P
Switch from anywhere to Filter fieldCommand-Option-F⌘⌥F
Switch from Editor to NotesCommand-Option-Down Arrow⌘⌥↓
Switch from anywhere to EditorCommand-Option-Down Arrow⌘⌥↓
Cycle from Editor to Notes to Title to EditorCommand-Option-Up Arrow⌘⌥↑
Delete text to Text Trash
(see Editor, Notepad, Document Info Panel or Hidden Gem #1 Web Resource)
View Shortcuts
Show/Hide Browser PaneCtrl-B⌃B
Show/Hide PreviewsCtrl-P⌃P
Show/Hide NotesCtrl-N⌃N
Show/Hide Document InfoCtrl-I⌃I
Show/Hide Split-ViewCtrl-S⌃I
Zoom Text PreviewCtrl-Shift-P⌃⇧P
Cycle Notes Preview (Notes—Excerpt—Project Notes)Ctrl-Shift-N⌃⇧N
Increase/Decrease font size in Editor and Console ModeCommand-+
Show Ulysses in Fullscreen Mode Web ResourceCtrl-F⌃F