What's new in 2.1

The release of Ulysses 2.1 brings Mac OS X Lion integration and two brand-new exporters: the WebExport and the ePub Exporter. Additionally, many components of Ulysses were carefully redesigned and improved, making your writing experience even more seamless and stable.

Mac OS X Lion integration

Lion Integration

Apple's latest version of Mac OS X &nash; Lion – adds hundreds of new features which can be incorporated into applications. And even though many of those have actually been a part of Ulysses since version 1.0 (fullscreen, resume, to name but two), Ulysses is now a true Lion application. We added native fullscreen mode, overlay scrollbars, and sandboxing, plus we switched some preferences to make Ulysses' default behavior resemble that of OS X Lion. Additionally, you can now use the two-finger swipe to switch between tabs in the Editor.


ePub in iBooks

Ever wanted to export your projects into a web page? Or just wanted to have that one document ready for a WordPress blog post? We know you did, and you can now do this plus a lot more with the brand-new WebExport. Prepare your projects for the web, may it be a simple Markdown text or a complex web site. To get the most out of the WebExport, you can create your own templates to customize the exported files for your needs.

ePub Exporter

ePub in iBooks

The other new Exporter is the ePub Exporter. Now you can export your projects to eBooks and read them in iBooks on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Includes support for references, footnotes, title images, and much more. How can publishing get any simpler?

And that's just the surface…

These were only the three most important new features. Below you will find the complete list of changes and bugfixes.